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Happy Wednesday to my lovely readers… well today I have a very special treat for you. The gorgeous Sonia from Sonia Styling is guest posting for me. For those of you that don’t know Sonia, today is your lucky day. I have been following her blog and social media world for a while now and am totally hooked. She has impeccable style that is both fun, classic and unique as well as a great eye for decorating which is why I knew I had to have her come and do a post for you as I am positive you will love her as much as I do.

Below is a little bit about Sonia in her own words. If you aren’t already, you simply must pop on over and say hi to her on her blog, twitter, facebook or instagram. Enjoy!


Fashion lover. Homewares connoisseur. Wannabe writer/ editor/ stylist/ personal shopper. Styling me life, one story at a time.


When the warmer weather rolls in, it’s like a green light for us to start injecting a whole lot more colour into our outfits. Which got me thinking, why not extend the sunny makeover to our homes too?

I’m finally at the stage of decorating our home after a very extensive renovation and extension, which means a whole lot of furniture and decorating items that need to be bought!

While I wish I had a hefty bank balance (or a lotto win would come in handy right now!), the reality is that between the mortgage, bills, groceries, etc – there’s just not a whole lot of cash left to splash on homewares.

My tips? Do your research online. Check out chain stores like Target and Kmart – they’re (bargain) goldmines! And don’t forget good old IKEA, they have really stepped up of late.

So if you’re like me and wanting to decorate or redecorate, I’ve found 9 fabulously colourful items to add to your home in time for summer – and each item is under $50!


1. Fete Basket from Country Road ($49.95)


2. Hamptons Home Cushion from Adairs ($49.95)


3. Canyon Frame from Country Road ($39.95)


4. Hand Painted Bowl from Down That Little Lane ($14.00)


5. Orchid in a Pot from Kmart ($15.00)


6. Archie Cushion from Freedom ($39.95)


7. Metal Tealight Candle Holder from Target ($9.00)


8. Skoja Glass from IKEA ($1.95)


9. Set of 2 Peony Canvas from Kmart ($12.00)


What’s your decorating style? What items will you be adding to your home this summer?

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